Solutions to Take good care of Wicker and Wrought Iron Furniture

Published: 21st March 2012
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Typically, whenever furnishing a house, the homeowner does not use as much cash on outdoor home furniture. A homeowner probably will invest in a high-priced new dining set rather than sturdy, low-cost wicker outdoor furniture. Outdoor furnishings normally takes the most abuse during unpredictable climate. Homeowners think of how high-priced it will be to repair or replace pieces broken because of poor climate. Beautifying a backyard don't even have to be costly if you know how to take proper care of it. Pieces like wicker and wrought iron may last a long time having correct maintenance.

Outdoor furniture is available in many varieties. Pieces produced from plastic are weatherproof but hard to clean. They very easily wear out and look old within the first couple of months. For the home-owner with limited budget, nonetheless, plastic furnishings are reasonably priced. Wrought iron furniture is stronger compared with plastic but too expensive. Manufactured with elegant designs going very well with any yard layout, wrought iron is good for the fashionable house owner. Another type of furniture is wicker, created from different varieties of vines and plants weaved to create furniture.

Excessive use and intense climatic conditions may ruin beautiful furnishings. Below are great tips and tricks to keep wrought iron and wicker furniture looking new and chic for as long as possible.

Taking care of wicker furniture

Materials used for wicker furniture makes it the best fit for all-natural backyard or garden designs. Rainfall, harsh sunshine, and dew are harmful to wicker. Dry heat causes it to crack and creak under pressure. There are several ways to prevent these damages:

- Regularly dust or vacuum your wicker furniture. Clean up any spills with soap and water in sponges before they stain the material.

- Wicker outdoor furniture requires yearly washing. Simply scrub the furniture with warm water and detergent utilizing a sponge, rinsing with a garden hose. To dry, just leave it under the hot sun or make use of a hair dryer.

- Spray your wicker with varnish and a thin coating of liquid furniture wax to prevent nature damages.

- Try to keep your wicker furnishings in a more protective spot to lengthen its lifespan.

- Keep a wicker kit in the event that some parts of your furnishings may require re-weaving.

Taking care of wrought iron furniture

Wrought iron furniture is preferred for out of doors living areas as it is durable. A major disadvantage to pieces created from wrought iron is corrosion. Avoid rusting with the following helpful tips:

- Place covers over your pieces of furniture. High quality furniture covers protect pieces from severe weather causing damage, especially rust.

- Furniture created from wrought iron is stain-resistant. If you find stains, use sandpaper to remove then simply touch up the paint.

- If you see rust on your furniture, scrub the damaged area with a wire brush to eliminate rust flakes. Put liquid wax all around the furniture. It will protect it from further rusting.

- Wash your pieces of furniture with water and mild dish soap every couple of months to keep it clean and looking new.

- If your furniture came with specific care directions, it's best to follow them. There are no better care tips than those provided by the producer.

There is no need to sacrifice the appeal of your backyard. You can purchase wrought iron or wicker outdoor furniture and make them last a lifetime. All they need is regular care and maintenance. Not only will they last longer, they will also stay lovely and new. Make your outdoor living areas pleasurable to stay in with stylish wicker and wrought iron pieces.

Etta Perez is an interior designer who buys wicker outdoor furniture and wrought iron furniture for clients.

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